Lili Bulk is fundraising on Lita.co

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Lili Bulk is fundraising on Lita.co

Lili Bulk is fundraising on Lita.co

Lili Bulk's mission is twofold: to address the growing production of unnecessary waste in the agri-food sector and to stimulate healthy and sustainable consumption habits.

A Lili Bulk jar is an alternative to a packaged product. In this sense, Lili Bulk has a real impact on household consumption by reducing the volume of waste in a concrete way and thus avoiding a large quantity of single-use packaging. The project facilitates the access to healthy and high-quality food. Next to that, they also offer very easy to prepare meals with their BIO MIX. Thus, the educational effect can amplify the ecological effect: people understand that it is possible and easy to eat organic, zero waste, and tasty!

Today, Lili Bulk's co-founders, Florence and Aurélie, invite you to join the adventure. They wish to gather around this project all those who wish to take part in this magnificent social and entrepreneurial adventure! Lili Bulk being eligible for the tax-shelter, you can exempt up to 45%* tax on your investment. The minimum investment ticket is 250 €!

The strategic commercial goals for 2019 is to support the development and growth of products in glass jars, especially the new salty and sweet mixes. Lili Bulk is expanding in the Flanders since the early 2019 and will expand in other neighbouring countries in the coming years to reach the Dutch, French and Luxembourg markets in 2023.

Lili Bulk has chosen the LITA.co financing platform. Crowdfunding's #1 platform dedicated to positive impact investment. It is a participatory financing platform for social enterprises. This platform dedicated to the solidarity economy allows individuals to invest in companies with a strong environmental and/or societal impact. LITA exclusively selects companies that meet at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN.

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The main impact of our project is to reduce the waste of packaging. Thanks to the use of jars, there is less paper, plastic and cardboard used for food packaging. Thanks to Lilil Bulk 56,000 waste of packaging was avoided in 2017-18. Their goal is to reach 81,000 within one year after the fundraising.

Lili Bulk is also a creator of integration jobs. The jars are washed and refilled by “la Ferme Nos Pilifs”, a sheltered workshop. Lili Bulk created 3.2 jobs in 2017-18 and is committed to create 4 jobs within one year after the fundraising.

Lili Bulk also want to increase the use of reusable packaging. The implementation of a system of returnable jars encourages users to switch to reusable packaging. Lili Bulk tries to encourage their consumers to return the jars as much as possible. In 2017-18 the ratio being 0.5, Lili Bulk commits to increase to a ratio of 0.6 within 1 year.

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